Technology brings a higher level of care to Lake Oswego dental patients

Dr. Manami Yamaguchi invests in contemporary dental technology and training. Why? Because these advances make treatment more comfortable, efficient, and effective for the patient. It is simply part of her commitment to providing the highest level of care at her Lake Oswego practice.

Diagnostic technologies

  • Intraoral cameras – This device, about the size of a pen, provides high-resolution, 3-D images. Robust software allows the doctor to see your mouth from every angle and magnified on a computer monitor. Dr. Yamaguchi uses a microscope camera to identify tooth decay and structural irregularities, early and with great precision.
  • Digital x-rays – Digital radiographs provide a panoramic view of the mouth, with crystal clarity. Plus, the technique has extremely low radiation exposure and is environmentally friendly.
  • OralID cancer screening – At regular checkups, Dr. Yamaguchi performs a visual and physical evaluation of the mouth, face, head, and neck, screening for soft tissue changes, lumps, or tenderness. She may supplement that analysis with OralID fluorescent technology. This painless screening illuminates tissue abnormalities not visible to the unassisted eye, for earlier detection and improved prognosis.
  • CT cone beam scanning – Safe, low radiation CBCT is performed in the dental chair. The precise 3D images it produces aid tremendously in meticulous dental implant placement and planning other oral surgeries.

Treatment technologies

  • Ultrasonic dental cleaning – There is no reason to dread a hygiene appointment with this gentle method of removing plaque and tartar. Plus, it is faster than manual scraping.
  • CEREC crowns – With this dynamic technology, Dr. Yamaguchi takes digital impressions of your mouth. Your crown is designed and fabricated from strong, lustrous, natural-looking porcelain while you wait. There is no need to “baby” a temporary restoration or come back for a second appointment.
  • CO2 laser – With this laser, tooth decay is detected and treated early, before it has a chance to advance. The laser is also beneficial in soft tissue procedures such as periodontal treatment. It efficiently destroys harmful bacteria, often eliminating the need for scaling and root planing.

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