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Sparkling smiles start with hygiene services in Lake Oswego

No other feature radiates your personality like a dazzling smile. The team at Dental Arts & Wellness in Lake Oswego, helps you enjoy a healthy mouth and pleasant smile, with outstanding hygiene services.

A clean you can’t get at home

The most important step you can take for gum health, fresh breath, and white teeth is good daily hygiene. There will still be spots, though, that resist your brush and floss. Bacterial plaque that you miss hardens into tartar, and stains from dark beverages and foods become embedded. In the past, accumulations were scraped away with metal instruments. We use an ultrasonic teeth cleaning system that gently but effectively blasts deposits from tooth surfaces with sound wave technology.

Reducing risk of cavities

Oral bacteria feast on starches and sugars, excreting acids that eat holes in the protective layer of tooth enamel. Children, and individuals with high-sugar diets, chronic dry mouth, non-fluoridated water sources, and tobacco users have elevated risk of dental caries.

Dr. Yamaguchi offers solutions to significantly reduce risk of tooth decay. Fluoride may be applied topically as a foam or varnish. It fortifies the ability of enamel to resist acid attack. Fluoride may be scheduled at every cleaning, or more often if recommended by the dentist.

Dental sealant is a colorless plastic coating applied to the chewing surfaces of molars. These grinding teeth have natural contours that trap food particles. Sealant keeps it out, with protection that lasts several years.

Both treatments are brief and painless.

Periodontal care

The condition of your gums is vitally important health. We start with oral DNA testing to determine precise bacterial populations in your mouth. This allows Dr. Yamaguchi to tailor a treatment plan of home and professional care to get gum disease under control. It may involve:

  • More frequent regular cleanings.
  • Scaling and root planing – a deep cleaning technique that removes deposits below the gum line and encourages a healthy seal of gums to tooth roots.
  • Topical antibiotics and antimicrobials.
  • Periodontal surgery, in severe cases, to remove diseased tissue.

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