Holistic Natural Dentistry

Holistic dentist in Lake Oswego cares about the whole you

You are a complex individual, with a unique oral, physical, and emotional balance. While some dentists fix a tooth problem or care for your mouth, Dr. Manami Yamaguchi administers holistic care that helps to keep all aspects of you, as an entire person, in harmony. An increasing number of health-savvy individuals in the Lake Oswego area are discovering the far-reaching benefits of this more natural form of dentistry.

The mouth-body connection

Holistic dentistry is an encompassing approach that recognizes the intimate connection between the mouth and the whole person. Since birth, everything that has gone into your mouth – food and drink, your thumb, pacifiers, tobacco, and dental instruments and materials – has had some impact on the rest of your body.

Here are just a few ways the mouth supports and influences all functions of the body:

  • Nutrition – Without strong, stable teeth, you cannot eat nutritious foods that sustain bones, muscles, and organs.
  • Pathogens – The same strains of bacteria associated with periodontal attack (gum disease) increase the risk of serious systemic conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, respiratory illness, osteoporosis, certain types of cancer, and pre-term birth.
  • TMJ disorders – Problems with bite alignment inflame the trigeminal nerve, responsible for motor function and sensation in the face. TMD symptoms can be felt from top of the head to toes.
  • Appearance and self-esteem – Humans are naturally drawn to a bright smile with straight even teeth. It is nature’s indication of radiant health. No wonder you feel good about an attractive smile!

Bioesthetic dentistry

This term describes dental treatment that looks good and contributes to vitality. It is a core concept of holistic dentistry. Dental Arts & Wellness is a mercury-free practice – we place no amalgam fillings because of the potentially damaging effect of heavy metal load on the human body. Yet, our level of care goes well beyond that, with safe removal of amalgam fillings, low radiation digital x-rays, and materials and techniques that are biocompatible and environmentally friendly.

Feel good about your smile. Call the holistic dentist Lake Oswego families trust for gentle care. Dr. Yamaguchi’s number is 503 603-0700


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