General & Preventative Dentistry

General dentist helps Lake Oswego patients get and keep oral health on track

If Lake Oswego general dentist, Dr. Manami Yamaguchi had her way, everyone would have the advantage of a lifetime of holistic preventive and general dentistry. Here are some of the ways she keeps patients smiling with good oral health.

Averting dental disaster

Most dental problems can be avoided with prevention and hygiene. In the care of the Dental Arts & Wellness team, it is easier and more comfortable than you imagine:

  • Professional cleaning with ultrasonic scaling painlessly removes bacterial plaque, hardened tartar, and stains. Soundwave technology reduces or eliminates the need for scraping, yet gets tooth surfaces spotlessly clean. The hygienist is happy to give a hands-on demonstration and answer your questions about home oral hygiene, too.
  • Regular comprehensive checkups give the dentist an opportunity to catch problems early, when they may be addressed with the least discomfort, interruption to your schedule, and expense.
  • Could you comfortably bite on a flat stick of gum? Then you won’t mind having digital x-rays taken, for high-resolution images with patient exposure to radiation reduced by up to 90 percent.
  • Oral cancer screening – Anyone can develop oral cancer, but prognosis is good with early detection through visual and fluorescent-assisted evaluation to spot soft tissue abnormalities.
  • Dr. Yamaguchi is one of a small percentage of dentists authorized to perform oral DNA testing. Analysis focuses on your unique propensity to disease, based on bacteria and other pathogens in the mouth.
  • Gum health is inextricably linked to oral health and whole-body wellness. We help you keep your natural teeth and reduce the risk of other serious conditions with gentle periodontal care.

When the unexpected occurs

Our team provides a full range of services to restore function and appearance when problems do occur, including composite fillings and porcelain inlays and onlays for virtually invisible repair of tooth decay . . . with NO MERCURY. We take special interest in individuals who haven’t been to the dentist in a long time, and senior patients.

Call the general dentist who improves quality of life through oral health – Dr. Yamaguchi. The number for Dental Arts & Wellness in Lake Oswego is 503 603-0700


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5 Stars

This is one of the best all around Dental office I have ever been too. They do great quality repairs, and are very informative about what they find so you are comfortable with the decisions you make. They are truely there to improve your overall health, and to teach you what you need to know to live a long healthy life. Highly recommend going there.

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