Comfort Dentistry

Lake Oswego discovers comfort dentistry

Word is spreading quickly in the Lake Oswego area, about comfort dentistry. At Dental Arts & Wellness, your state of relaxation is a top concern with every treatment because we know the beneficial effect it has on healing. It starts with a gentle touch from the small hands of a female Japanese dentist and extends to many other aspects of care.

It doesn’t have to hurt

Here are some ways we take the pinch out of dental anesthesia:

  • Potent numbing gel – Just a dab numbs gums before an injection.
  • Warmed anesthetic – There’s no cold flinch, with injections at body temperature.
  • Powerful anesthesia – This safe numbing agent goes to work fast for pain-free treatment.
  • DentalVibe – Few dentists offer this comforting extra. The device delivers soothing vibration into gum tissue that inhibits pain signals from reaching the brain.
  • The Wand – Leading edge technology provides computer-controlled flow of anesthetic for utter precision from a small pen-like device. We can numb a single tooth without impacting the whole face.

Relaxing experience

Nitrous oxide is a good choice for the patient who is a bit anxious. Pleasantly-scented gas is inhaled through a nose mask. It quickly produces a sense of well-being, allowing concerns about the sights, sounds, and smells of treatment to fall away. “Laughing gas” is safe for young patients, and it wears off quickly, so adults don’t need a driver.

With oral sedation in pill form, you remain conscious but physically and emotionally relaxed. This allows the dentist to complete treatment efficiently. It also reduces tissue trauma and speeds healing. Some patients are so at ease they fall asleep. This medication has an amnesic effect, so you likely won’t remember much about the appointment. You are groggy afterward, and you will need someone to drive you home.

With a dental anesthesiologist on staff, you can count on sedation administered to strict safety standards. General anesthetic is an option for lengthy, complex, or multiple procedures.

Schedule an appointment to learn how Dr. Yamaguchi’s comfort dentistry helps patients of all ages get the dental care they deserve. The number in Lake Oswego is 503 603-0700


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Dr. Yamaguchi and her team are great! They are very professional at their work and they care about my dental needs, my financial option as well. I had good visiting experience there.

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