An Overview of Dentures

If you suffer from missing teeth, whether as a result of decay, damage, or putting off proper dental care, you may be considering dentures. Missing teeth make it difficult to eat the foods you enjoy, or even share your smile with those around you. Dentures can bring back your confidence and restore function to your mouth.

Which Dentures Are Right for You?

You may think all dentures are alike, but there are actually a few options when it comes to this area of restorative dentistry. Your Lake Oswego dentist can work with you to determine which choice is most appropriate for your situation.

Full Dentures

If your dentist recommends a complete set of replacement teeth, there are a couple of ways this can be accomplished. In either case, the first step will be extraction of all remaining teeth. After this step is finished, you can wait until your mouth is completely healed and then be fitted for your oral appliances. By waiting, you will only have to go through one series of fittings and your soreness will be minimized.

Alternatively, you can get what are known as immediate – or one-day – dentures. This is when you are fitted the same day as your teeth are extracted. The advantage of this method is that you will have functioning teeth while your mouth is healing. The downside is that you will likely have to return to have your appliance relined or otherwise modified to fit your healed mouth.


Also known as a bridge, a partial may be recommended if you have at least one remaining tooth that can be saved. The appliance features a plastic plate with one or more teeth attached.

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