About Holistic Dentistry

Over the last few decades, natural living and health care methods have experienced a surge in awareness. Dental care is no different, and many people are now embracing the concept of “whole person” health rather than only looking at one component of a person’s needs at a time. Holistic dentistry takes the whole person philosophy to heart, blending the entire well-being of its patients into good oral health.

The Holistic Dentistry Difference

This dental field encompasses not only traditional dental treatment techniques, but also takes into account the rest of a patient’s health and well-being. The mouth is somewhat of a gateway to other major bodily systems. Tooth maladies can affect the heart, digestion, and the immune system. Accordingly, holistic dentists typically look at a much wider array of health factors than conventional dentists do. Difference you may notice in treatment with your holistic dentist in Lake Oswego include:

  • An emphasis on healthy nutrition and appropriate supplementation
  • The avoidance of toxic treatment materials such as amalgam fillings containing mercury
  • The avoidance of fluoride treatments
  • The use of continuity of care, involving your other healthcare providers as part of your treatment plan

If you have already taken measures in other aspects of your lifestyle and health care choices to adopt a more natural approach, holistic dentistry is the logical next step. At our Lake Oswego holistic dentist practice, we believe that your entire person matters – not just your teeth. You will receive customized care with close attention to all possible impacts that your dental procedures may have on the rest of your health.

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