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Dr. Manami Yamaguchi

Our office primarily focuses on three types of patient needs - Cosmetic Treatment, Family Dental Care, and TMJ Treatment. Since opening our Lake Oswego office in 2006, more than two thousand patients have trusted our care. Many of them are healthcare professionals themselves-dentists & hygienists, physicians, chiropractic/naturopathic doctors or therapists. Soon after their friends and families also came to us and received our modern TLC dentistry.

Here is Why Our Patients Selected Us:

  • Staying Current - Dental care is ever changing to be kinder to our body. With our modern dentistry, you will receive gentler, less aggressive care.
  • Technology - Technologically advanced care means that you will have a chance to arrest dental deterioration before it gets too serious and painful.
  • Convenience - The best hours and location for all residents: SW Portland, Tigard, Beaverton, LO, West Linn, Wilsonville residents are our neighbors, who enjoy our convenient appointment time from Monday through Saturday. We are less than 1 minute from I-5/217 exit. See our map
  • TLC - With our gentle dentistry, hardly any patients request sedation anymore although we have laughing gas and other sedation methods in case you feel you need it. Our patients rarely need root canal treatment, and this is our pride.
  • Cost - Our non-invasive, TLC dentistry means more tooth saved, and less dentistry done now and in the future. Most of our non-insured patients choose our popular Dental Wellness Plan. As for insured patients, we accept most insurance plans.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our cosmetic treatment is designed to keep much of your natural tooth structure while realizing your esthetic goals. Many cosmetic patients are unaware of future costs to maintain their dental beauty. The benefit of maximizing your natural teeth is 3-folds:

  1. less work to see the same results;
  2. less maintenance; and
  3. less frequent needs to replace the original work

This leads to less time - and less money - spent in a dental chair in your lifetime. This is always our goal for all dentistry we offer.

General Dentistry

General Dental Care for Self & Family - Once we see one patient, we almost always see everyone else in the family! As a patient, you will receive much better care when we get to know your entire family health. This is because knowing you better helps us diagnose better. Better diagnosis means more proper treatment.

Dr. Manami Yamaguchi

(Doctorate education: 1992 - 1996 Oregon Health Sciences University)


You deserve the best of what modern dentistry can offer. With ever-increasing new research findings, methods, equipment, and products, it is imperative to know your dentist is pursuing more educational hours than what is minimally required to renew the license. Dr. Yamaguchi sees being your dentist as a demanding, full-time job that challenges her with constant, lifelong learning. Aside from her private time to enjoy life with her husband and friends, Dr. Yamaguchi spends much of her time outside her clinic attending advanced dental workshops and courses.  Her educational associations are with both local & international institutes such as OBI Bioesthetics, Kois Center in Seattle, WA; Richard V. Tucker gold study club in Oregon; and Las Vegas Institute, NV to name a few. Her professional participations in the last two years have exceeded 400 hours of education—ten times the Board’s requirement of 40 hours. During her 14 years of being a local Oregon dentist, she has treated over 7000 patients, meeting a wide variety of patients' needs by finding the best of health and beauty for each patient.

For Dr. Yamaguchi, both health and beauty are the #1 priority. She believes her equal interests in both science and arts have helped her understand both right- and left-brained approaches in patient care and communication.

Besides dentistry, her professional associations also include American Heart Association for receiving a grant for cloning work to assist research in Alzheimer’s disease and neural growth factors in 1993 as well as American Muscular Dystrophy Association for participating in fund-raising volunteer work in 2008. Since graduating from OHSU in 1996, she has been an active member of American Dental Association, American Academy of Cosmetic dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry, and many other local dental societies and study clubs.

ARTISTIC, BEAUTIFUL SMILE: Dr. Yamaguchi is known for the beautiful results of her dentistry, strongly supported by world-class dental laboratories and specialists. Increasing demands for aesthetic dentistry require a dentist and her labs to be artistic and detailed. Dr. Yamaguchi often works closely with renowned specialists who fine-tune the resulting smile the way her patient desires.

WELLNESS: Her gentle approach has helped many patients who wished to smile again with confidence after years of neglect or fear of dentistry. Each patient's wellness is central to her practice.  She emphasizes, "In my practice, if you haven't seen a dentist for a long time, we greatly appreciate you for getting back on track. My team wants to assist you to regain control of your oral health." Her professional team maintains a warm, friendly atmosphere in calm and elegant surroundings all intended to make your experience as pleasant as possible.  The advanced sterilization equipment also ensures your safety, and nitrous oxide (a.k.a. ‘laughing gas’) is available for those who prefer additional help for relaxation.

Bronwyn Pinette, CDA, EFDA:  

Bronwyn says, “I love teeth!” and you’ll know it when you speak with her. Having worked as a chair-side assistant to offer Bio-research dental care, Bronwyn has experience in TMJ, sleep apnea, orthodontics, occlusion, and oral surgery (and more). Working at the Front Office, Bronwyn oversees all aspects of patient services—patient relation, new patient introduction, consultation, scheduling, referrals and treatment planning. 
After work and on her days off, she enjoys a nice walk/jog/hike with Newton, a young Labradoodle.


Brooke Hazen, EFDA: 

When you see her handwriting, you may think of her as a careful, accurate, well-balanced person—and that is exactly how she is at work!  Previously a dental insurance specialist for a leading national insurance company, Brooke is our practice’s go-to person when it comes to understanding insurance jargon. She offers a Complimentary Insurance Benefit Check to every patient who wants to best utilize their insurance benefits. 
On her return home from work, she is greeted not only by her family—she has two beautiful children and a doting companion, but also by their chickens and rabbits! In her free time, she is busy planning next year’s garden and landscaping.


Nicole Duhrkoop, RDH:

Nicole has worked with Dr. Yamaguchi since 2007. She began her career at Dental Arts & Wellness as the lead dental assistant. In 2009, she returned to school and received her licensing to be a registered dental hygienist. Nicole says, “I’m a bit of a germaphobe…” and we don’t mind at all, as her patients always leave with squeaky clean teeth!  Her attention to detail, gentle touch and high standard of care keep her schedule full and create healthier, more beautiful smiles.
Nicole and her husband have recently adopted a kitten named Ellie. Family-oriented Oregonians, they spend much of their weekends dining and catching up with family in town. Nicole also enjoys making jewelry we all love to wear.


Kirsten Edwards, EFDA: 

Having grown up in Newport and Seaside, Kirsten is a native Oregonian. She moved to the Portland area to study chair-side dental assisting at PCC and received an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA) license. Drawing on her past work experience in the hospitality industry, Kirsten strives to provide a welcome and comfortable experience for her patients. Professionally, she is also an integral part of the doctor’s advance study with Bioesthetic Dentistry, ensuring a first-class level of care from Dr. Yamaguchi as well. 
When Kirsten is not assisting patients, Duke—her canine roommate and companion—gets her full attention! She and Duke are frequent fixtures on Oregon’s coastal highways, enjoying weekends with family and friends in 

About Our Team

Our professionals at Dental Arts & Wellness were selected through particular, demanding recruitments after multiple interviews and screening processes. After becoming a team member, they are required to maintain the practice's high levels of training and stay abreast of the latest updates in dentistry so that you receive the most up-to-date, science-driven dental care.

In our practice, we focus on establishing a solid relationship with each patient. You will meet a team of caring, reliable professionals who are willing to work hard together for you, with your best interests in mind.

But at the end of the day, it still comes back to you. Letting you know that we care. Making sure that you feel entirely at ease with our team, our services, and the results. We are professionals with a passion for people. To find out more about us, please feel free to come on in-and let us welcome to our office.


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